FSAirlines is the Operating System where our Operation resides, It is in charge of Managing our flights. It generates all the Reservations, Aircraft Fleets, LACSA Cargo, provides Pilots with a record of each flight as well as their Flight Log. LACSA Virtual has been certified in FSAirlines for more than 7 years, which has generated sustainability over time. Each Pilot or Member of LACSA Virtual must make use of the system before each Flight to proceed with all the Flight Plans or Routes to be developed in IVAO. We invite all who wish to join our team of Professionals and Enjoy good times in the most real way possible.


  IVAO International Virtual Aviation Organization, is the platform where LACSA Virtual develops its Operational activities. For July 2020, the LACSA Higt Staff works hard to achieve its certification within this Prestigious Organization, which has marked the History of Virtual Aviation in the world since its inception has been a fundamental pillar for the development of the dreams of many that began to fly in their virtual skies to later obtain their Real Wings .

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