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Start Your Professional Career

First step

As a First Step, the Applicant to Belong to LACSA VA must create their account in the FSAirlines Airline Administration System and have an Officially Registered Account in IVAO to access all the benefits as a member of the airline. In this way, he began his professional career as a Virtual Commercial Pilot. The use of this platform is mandatory for each flight within the Airline, for this. You should only access the platform in the link provided below:

                                            (Remember to Select as your HUB MROC / SJO)



                                            (When you make flights in IVAO use Callsing LRC)


Join Us at FSAirlines / IVAO

Ready to fly

Second step

By Being Duly Registered in Both FSA / IVAO Platforms. Now you are ready to start your first flights with us, for this you must book your flight in the FSAirlines and then make way to start the operation in IVAO. Remember an Important Data when Flying Use your LRC Badge followed by your Flight number, for example: LRC691. This will help you to have more realism when it comes to flying. If you want to request a Flight Planning, which will help you to fly more organized, ask the Flight Operations department. Through the mail We hope you enjoy your first flight experience with us.

If you have followed all the steps shown in this guide, you are ready to fly with us. In any case, if you still need help, contact our staff who will be happy to help you.



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