Below is the General Regulation that has been established

LACSA Virtual in order to regulate the procedures to maintain compliance with all the ordinances that lead to the continuous improvement of the company .


LACSA Virtual has an Executive Group (STAFF) which is in charge of all the processes of the Airline and its administration in general. In this way, it undertakes to supervise compliance with everything stipulated in this document.  

The Executive GROUP (STAFF) is structured as follows :

CEO / FOUNDER: Director and Principal Founder.

PRESIDENCY: General Manager of Operations and General Organization.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Manager of All Operations FSAirlines / IVAO

HUMAN RESOURCES: FSA / IVAO Personnel Revenue Team

All the Staff will always be there to collaborate before any doubt or concern through all the communication channels that have been arranged to facilitate any requirement.


LACSA Virtual has selected as the official language the Spanish language as it is an Airline of Costa Rica, for this reason the language must be understood and managed to be able to communicate easily.


LACSA Virtual will handle destinations to countries where other languages ​​will be used. It is for this reason that you must have a basic knowledge of the English language, because Aeronautica Internacional has selected this language universally to understand and interact in operations by text or voice in virtual networks or countries where the language is not spoken. Original from the Airline.

No Pilot or Member of LACSA Virtual who is not prepared to interact in English either by text or voice, will NOT be able to make flights to countries that do not handle the Spanish language, carrying out operations in virtual networks representing LACSA Virtual .


  • Maintain respect for others, comments, photos or videos on topics that may offend or affect the susceptibility of other people are not allowed, respect for others must be taken into account.

  • Humor is allowed, but not to exceed, you must know how to distinguish the moments and the type of humor

  • Do not use Offensive words, try to be as clear as possible when speaking or writing to avoid misunderstandings. Remember that texts are impersonal and easily misinterpreted since they do not contain tone or accents.


LACSA Virtual has no entry restrictions, the airline receives all enthusiasts interested in learning and developing knowledge of Virtual Business Aviation. For this, the commitment to comply with the Regulations and standards established by Aeroline for the proper development of all its functions in air operation must be acquired. It is essential that each pilot have the knowledge and follow the instructions step by step.

  • The applicant must register through our WEB page at (Join Us) or on the FSAirlines page where he will apply to our airline LACSA Virtual ID # 45278, he must follow the steps indicated to successfully complete the registration .

  • Failure to follow the steps or ignorance of the instructions will be grounds for inadmissibility.

  • Failure to supply incomplete information or supply of false information is grounds for inadmissibility


  • The use of the FSA Client is mandatory for the flight to be registered on the Platform, additionally, a plugin that registers the Landing Rate must be used to decide whether or not the flight is registered.

  • The Pilot is free to register or not to register the flight performed at his discretion, closing the Client at the "X".

The flight must be canceled when :

  • The Landing Rate greater than -600 fpm is exceeded.

  • The plane crashed or the simulator crashed.

  • Run out of fuel in flight.

  • Do not land at the scheduled destination airport and do not use the "Divert" function.

Once the flight is registered, the pilot can NOT request a review or send reports directly to the FSA under any circumstances without first consulting with the Staff Group.




The Ranges system is bottom-up to ensure that each pilot trains and acquires basic aeronautical knowledge, thereby increasing professionalism when flying.

  • The initial rank of every pilot is STD (Basic Student) with a salary in% according to the earnings of the flight.

  • In the event that at the beginning you demonstrate to have a greater knowledge and practice of the initial CAT, you will be promoted to the appropriate CAT through a prior request to the Staff and an interview with instructors from the VA, otherwise you must meet the following minimum requirements to ascend to the next range:


                         FO (Initial Initial Officer): 0 - 25 flights with a Minimum Score of 90%

                         CAP (Capitan): 25 - 50 flights with a Minimum Score of 90%.

                         CAS (Senior Captain): 50 - 75 with a Minimum Score of 90%.

                         CTE (Commander): 50 - 75 flights with a Minimum Score of 90%.

                         CTS (Senior Commander): 75 - 100 flights with a Minimum Score of 90%.                                   You will earn a Salary of 20% of the Flight's profit.

                         INS (Instructor): 150 flights with a Minimum Score of 90%.

                                 You will earn a Salary of 20% of the Flight's profit.

    Important note :


All Pilots must return the aircraft in use to their bases (HUB) in order to advance to the next rank.


We have a wide fleet of planes and routes, a pilot can request a specific plane or route with the condition that he uses it, the VA is willing to satisfy its pilots by purchasing the plane or creating the requested route only with the commitment that is used so that it compensates the value of the purchase and does not generate losses.


  • It is up to the pilot to decide not to use the VA texture in his simulator.


Planes have normal wear and tear. The intensity of the Landing is why we emphasize that landings do not exceed -600 fpm, this is what most deteriorates the aircraft and increases the frequency of maintenance, economically affecting the company.


There are 4 types of Maintenance :


A-Check 100% to 95.1% 1 day 3% value like new


B-Check 95.0% to 75.1% 3 days 20% value like new


C-Check 75.0% to 40.1% 7 days 50% value like new


D-Check 40.0% at 0% 14 days 80% value as new


  • The Pilot must notify the Operations Department when an aircraft is close to 98% for shipment to maintenance in our workshops at the HUB MROC

  • The pilot must not book any aircraft that is below 97%.



  • The network that each Pilot or member of LACSA Virtual wishes to use, IVAO , VATSIM , other networks or fly Offline is a FREE Choice . But the use of the FSAirlines Client is mandatory for the flight registration.

  • All Pilots who are in Active Operations in Virtual Airspace of the network in which they are on virtual flights must use the indicative of the VIA Airline and their supplied ID.

  • Those who are in training and do not feel fit even in Communication with ATCs should place RMK / Novice Pilot.

  • In case of any doubt about your flight plan, you must submit it to the group for review so that all of them make the necessary corrections and clarifications.

  • The internal rules of virtual flight networks must be fully respected and complied with.

  • Initially, no Pilot can fly freely on Virtual networks until their FPLN (Flight Plan) has been reviewed and approved.


We reserve the right to stay and withdraw in the VA.

It is understood that by entering LACSA Virtual you are freely accepting participation, sharing and actively flying. Based on this, the following clauses are taken:

  • Make flights regularly according to the Regulations that have been established in the Airline or The Pilot can request a Flight Schedule to carry out their flights in an organized way. The minimum flight hours will be 2 hours per week.

  • Pilots who have 2 weeks of inactivity (not flying) will be notified. If it is repeated for more than a month, this will generate your dismissal from the company.

  • Pilots registered with the VATSIM - IVAO network must perform a minimum of 2 hours per week as regulation of the virtual network. Using the LRC Callsing adding your flight number or whatever the Pilot decides to Use.

  • A pilot will not be allowed to miss the weekly set minimum for flying in another VA.


In LACSA Virtual several communication channels have been arranged:








Whatsapp channel :

LACSA Virtual Team of Pilots and STAFF has had a Group in this Social Network, which can be requested by each member to be adhered by sending an email to the Human Resources department. Who can add to those who formally request the use of this medium as soon as possible.

Facebook / Instagram :

These Groups are for Public Use Moderated by the Human Resources Department who are responsible for managing the content of all publications and use these channels for NOTAM publications, Events, among other relevant information for all LACSA Members and Followers Virtual.



The dissemination or disclosure of internal information to other groups is strictly prohibited. All the content is for the exclusive use of LACSA Virtual members. Failure to comply with this confidentiality requirement is considered a serious offense and the Airline will be unlinked.


Any questions or queries can contact the LACSA Virtu Presidency at:



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